Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm taking bids on him now.

"Mom? Are you tired?"

He asks me this all the time. Nearly every day, I'm ashamed to say.

I am tired. I wish I could hide it better but the huge bags under my eyes and haggard look I continually sport give me away.

I agree with him. Yes I'm tired. I tell him I'm fine. Promise him I'm not sick. Hate myself for being so stressed out that my child notices I'm not fine. Hate myself that I can't hide it.

He, age eleven and seventy-something pounds of nothing, sits down on my lap.

"You know," he tells me, "the best way to deal with a problem is to talk about it."

"You think?"

"I know, mom. I know it."

He is so wise to be so small.

And while I'm taking bids for all who want him to marry their daughter one day, I'll warn you...he's priceless.


Danielle said...

Hmmm - my daughter is 3... that's not too much of an age gap, is it? He's a gem!

mythoughtsonthat said...

You have done a great job with that kid.


PaintedPromise said...

hhmmm my youngest is 18.. guess i am out of the running! but you are right - he's priceless!

as for you, i wish you rest, sleep, peace!!!

herewegokids said...

Awww...I also have an 11-yr old treasure who asks me if I'm tired, or if if I'm ok on a regular basis. And I envy his wife. :)

Sincerely Iowa said...

I have a 9-year old daughter... put her name on the waiting list!

Sounds like a great kid you've got!

Anonymous said...

You've done and continue an awesome job with your kids!!!

M said...

He is so fabulous. if he chooses to not wed Miss Lil later I just hope Liam turns out half as brilliant as he. <3 You? Make good peeps.

Anonymous said...

I don't actually have any children yet. I am now thinking of having a girl just so she has a chance with your son!

SJINCO said...

Your boy cares about you and that in itself is priceless. You've done a good job - be proud.

Sheila Deeth said...

I remember my oldest at that age, sometimes the wisest in the house.