Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm the one who loves you baby can't you see?

I have no idea what music is good anymore. It's seriously depressing.

I spend a lot of time under headphones. I sometimes even drive with them (I know, I know. I'll quit I promise) because I'm on this MASSIVE Kelly Clarkson kick and I have her songs saved in my iPod. There is something extremely satisfying about screaming "I know that I have issues but you're pretty messed up too" at 5am. Even if no one else can hear you.

I also wear headphones at the gym, mostly so I can avoid talking to anyone but also because I don't want to hear anyone else talking. Mostly they talk about the shape of their asses and frankly? It would not be possible for me to care less about the shape of their asses. I'm not a boy and therefore have other things to think about.

I like a lot of different music. This morning I listened to some John Legend

Then? I listened to "Straight Outta Compton". I won't post that one.

Later, I was on to some LL Cool J. I also added him to my Secret Boyfriend list because he is pretty much The Hotness.

I really like that one when I'm at the gym. And punching things.

Then I mess up my street cred by listening to this:

Not cool for the gym though.

So I have no idea what to listen to. On the way home from work today I found a 90's station and played that crap all the way home. When I was 20 and full of angst it made a lot of sense and now I'm just not sure.

I like a little of everything. The White Album pretty much rules my world. I know the lyrics to every Bee Gees song. I have been known to sing a Patsy Cline song or two. I had Kanye's first album. You know, before he became a completely self-absorbed prickwad.

But I'm at loose ends. Surprising, right?

I don't know what to listen to.

Thus, I implore you bloggy peeps. Tell me what to hear.


Jamie said...

You know, I'll be fifty-UGH-FIFTY in about six weeks. I listen to the Black Eyed Peas, Nickelback - yes, I know, not cool...Carolina Liar and the Kings of Leon. I also listen to Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, Dwight Yokum and George Strait. Then, I listen to Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick, Jr...you get the idea. What you listen to is whatever you like. It's all cool.

Hugs, friend. Really. :)

Unknown said...

LL Cool J is def. on my secret boyfriend list.

I am hooked on indie no name artists like Bssia Bulat etc.

I am weird bird so maybe my music suggestions I should keep to myself.

Carolyn said...

I asked for suggestions on this very topic on FB the other day and got some interesting suggestions. Mine vary based on what you want to do. I was on the bike last week and happened to come across Good Thing by Fine Young Cannibals. It has a great beat and I rode really hard the whole time the song was on. But, I also lift weights with a trainer 5 days a week. I go pretty heavy and have found that listening to some really hard heavy metal not only drowns out the sounds of my grunting and whining, it also seems to push me to try harder to get those last reps. I can send you a song or two if you are interested, they aren't' for the faint-hearted, some of the language is absolutely foul.

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded the new Kelly Clarkson, and I love it.

Also? The new Michael Buble. I am a dork but damn if the boy can't belt it out.

Danielle said...

A coworker once told me i was "Musically Illiterate" or was it a "Musical Moron?" Either way - I'm in worse shape than you. The grammy nominations? I knew maybe 3 people TOTAL!!! However, I feel one can never go wrong with classic Def Lepard!

Jill said...

"I ain't got no future or family tree"... anyway, sorry, I listen to whatever is on the country station. Some of the newer stuff is definitely upbeat if you want upbeat, just try going to amazon or whatever and clicking the country tab and listening to the top downloads and see if you like anything. That's all I got!

Jenski said...

I love Annie's Song. So nice to sing too. Also, I think I may have sung at the gym today. Whoops.

James Taylor? Dave Matthews (he's one of my bfs)? A little old school Salt n Pepa?

Unknown said...

i love Vampire Weekend. Their first CD (self-titled) rocked, and I'm quite liking hte new one too (contra). other than that, I heart Bad romance by Lady Gaga, Our Lady Peace (Cdn band, I can burn the best of CD if you want it), Michael Buble... the list goes on. My ipod is full of weird stuff :D

Devon said...

i'm weird... i like to listen to non-main stream music... not necessarily gym-worthy... but might be something you like to jam to in the car... (of it not jam.. maybe belt at the top of your lungs)...



Soliloquy said...

If your car has a cassette deck (I know - old school) there a little device that you plug into your iPod, stick the tape end into the cassette player and you're off.

Have one. Works fabulously.


Intelligent Tool said...

K so I am totally obsessed with music so here is a little list :)

The NEW Dave Matthew CD - the whole thing is totally amazing.

Alanis Morissette - Flavours of Entanglement

1901 by Pheonix

The NEW Pearl Jam cd is one of the best I've ever heard (from start to finish)

And any Shinedown. That is my guilty pleasure ;)

Sarah said...

I love all types of music. Sounds like you like the same things I do. You might want to try out a up and coming band called Ghost of Gloria.They are from South Florida and have an album out but haven't made it HUGE yet. I'm good friends with them.

They have a music video on Youtube.com right now called Ghost of Gloria-Fight (it will be premiering on VH1 video countdown in a few weeks!) and they also have an album on I-tunes or wherever.

I hope you enjoy them. Let me know what you think.

Aunt Crazy said...

"straight out the trailer"

My musical tastes are wide ranging, from Johnny Horton, to George Strait, to Kid Rock, to whoever is on the radio right then, I love music. My ipod has 1358 songs on it...LOL

Anonymous said...

Have you tried pandora.com? You enter artists you like, and they play other stuff they think you might like. Very cool.

Steph said...

I ADORE Pandora! I was listening to it earlier today, in fact. I put in "James Taylor" and got all kinds of coolness.


I am going to be 53 in a few weeks, and I listen to The White Stripes at every opportunity! Rocks my world.

Also, Steve Earle, The Jayhawks, Casey Chambers, George Jones, Lucinda Williams, and a hundred others.

Glad you found Pandora.