Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Apparently there will be no Spring in East Tennessee. We've went from temperatures in the 30's to temperatures in the 80's with nothing in-between.

Me, in the kitchen yesterday: Good Lord, I'm hot.

Boy Ninja: Yes you are! SAX-Y MOMMA!

Me: Starey face

Him, after a moment: You love me and you know it.

He's right about the second part anyway.


Leandra said...

You know what cracked me up most about this? Starey face. My daughter says that all the time "You wanna see my stare face" and it cracks us all up!

Doodle Momma said...

Can I just say, your son cracks me up! I love 12 year old boys.

And? I miss your blog being named, "Jason, for the love of God!" I so wanted to work that phrase into my vocabulary but I live in the midwest and can't quite get the southern twang I imagine you use that would make it cute. From me? It just sounds obnoxious. (Well, that, and the fact that my husband's name isn't Jason so something is lost in translation.)

Anonymous said...

Can he come live with me... just for a week??!!

insomniac ellen said...

LMAO!! Your kids rock.

isn't it totally awesome to see your own smartass humor passed on to your offspring. I love it.

And I've gotten to see it develop in my grandson too.

Cecelia said...

Ahahahaha. That child is precious. And through this blog, he makes all of our days just that much better. Thanks! (to you AND boy child. and good luck w/early summer. it's here too, and i don't have air conditioning until may!)