Monday, June 7, 2010

Randomly yours, Stephanie.

Having lunch on Saturday with the Boy and the Girl.

BC: So. What would your last meal be?

Me: Excuse me?

BC: You know. Your last meal. If you were about to be put to death? What would your last meal be?

Me: Um...well, I guess I never really thought about it.

BC: Mine would be your Christmas lasagna, this ice cream, that bread from Fazzolis, because seriously mom I think they put crack in it, and pizza from I love NY.

Me: Okay.

GC: I think I would pick mom's Christmas lasagna too.

Me: Okay.

BC: Would you pick your Christmas lasagna mom?

Me: Well, probably not. I'd have to cook it and I don't think they allow that in prison.

BC: True. But mom? What do you have to do to get a last meal?

Me: You have to be on death row.

BC: Oh, just that?


BC: Oh. Okay.

We eat in silence for a moment.

GC: Hey brother? Remember that guy that had an anvil in the back of his truck?

BC: Oh yeah! I was like, "Hey! Get to Blacksmithin'!"

Try not to be jealous of me. Seriously.


Kathy said...

Funny and so random.

Ms. Maggie said...

Your kids are WAAAAY awesome! I am so laughing that they think the last thing on earth you'd want to do is cook your own lasagne for a last meal. Hee hee.

I, too, LOVE the Fazoli's breadsticks. What do they put in them that makes them so good?

You? Are a lucky woman.

Cecelia said...

Your Christmas lasagna sounds amazing.

cfoxes33 said...

Yeah, sounds just like convos with my 13 yo.

KristiAnn said...

Your blog is sooo funny.. Your kids sound like they are quite fond of your Christmas lasagna..makes me kinda wanna try some of it!

mythoughtsonthat said...

Man, they are hilarious!


val said...

Strange Conversations. We have them here too, and I LOVE them. It's one of the best parts of having kids.

"Get to Blacksmithin'!"

Oh my.

Also your previous blog... when I was a kid and realized we could probably nearly wipe out crime in one generation if we took good care of children, I thought, "Wow! It's all fixed! It's all gonna be great!"

But I had two very civilized, responsible parents who were also extremely nice to me.

I know it's more complicated than this--as you said kids with trouble sometimes soar, and kids with opportunity sometimes struggle... but the odds suggest we must at least try.

And pretty much trying is everything.

Hey, and that stupid driver thing?

This helps: Everybody is some other lady's child. That guy who cut you off in traffic?

Some other lady's kid.

The old woman driving 25 in a 35 zone? Some other lady's daughter.

I could not be cross with your children, nor you with mine because of who we are.

But all these MORONS are the children of SOMEONE.

You're southern, that "Bless his/her heart" thing... you guys from the south I think invented that, lol. love, Val

Devon said...

this made me laugh! i hope i have as cool of kids as you do some day!

insomniac ellen said...

don't you love it when the apples don't fall far from the tree.... your kids are hilarious. I love them--almost as much as my own sarcastic progeny.

Anonymous said...

What's an anvil? (no, really)

Mrs Catch said...

Sometimes there's just nothing you can say...