Monday, October 25, 2010

Every sight and every sound.

There's something about a wedding, I think, that just renews your soul.

A good wedding, mind you, not one of those during which the bride and/or groom look terrified or one of those that you know won't last until the honeymoon is over. But one of those like my Aunt Karen's wedding back on 7/7/07. When the love in the air is palpable. When you are just so happy that those two people found each other. When the mood is like a warm embrace.

On Saturday night my friends Paula and Steve got married. And it was beautiful like that.

Not just because they love each other. Even in my black little heart I like to believe that when people stand up in front of God and everybody and declare their forever love that they actually love each other at least at that very second. But it was something more.

It was two people who loved each other forever no matter what their last names were. It was two people who have been together for a long time and it was that assurance that nothing was going to change tomorrow. And it was, for me and Jason, the dancing.

Before Saturday night, we'd never danced.

Oh, okay. Sometimes we dance around in the kitchen or the shower (too small for it, but we do it anyway). In the kitchen we slide around on our socks and the children say things like, "Eww! Get a room!" or whatever. We didn't dance at our wedding. No one did. We're good Baptists.

I kid. But not about the dancing part. It really didn't happen.

But on Saturday night? We danced. He held me close and we danced. And somehow, I'm not sure how, we were the only people in the entire room.

Okay, I guess not the only ones since someone took this picture. But you get the idea.

Most of all, the wedding was a good reminder. Marriage isn't one day, it's every day. Sometimes it's going suck. Sometimes it's going to be okay. Sometimes it's boring and mundane and sometimes you have eleven hundred decisions and you have to make them all right now.

Sometimes, though, you'll be the only two people on the dance floor.

And you'll know it's all going to be okay.


Leandra said...

That's one of the reasons I love going to a wedding -- being reminded of my own vows and why I chose the man I did. And most of all, being glad I chose him.

Tamar said...

That sounds absolutely perfect. I hope you have many more days like that.

Dawn said...

Wonderful! Love the pic.

Danielle said...

Sweet Sweet pic!!! My hub's family is all Baptist and there was no dancing at any of his cousins' weddings (and there are like 12 of them). Except for ours... I'm from NY.

David. said...

Get a room! :)

Jenski said...

Awww...Glad you had such a good time dancing. :-)

Kay Seaton said...

How precious! I totally agree with everything you said. Great Picture of you guys.

C. Todd Dolen, DVM said...

Sweet...and lovely.