Monday, May 23, 2011

We're doing it wrong.

Sometime Saturday evening:

Me: Hey babe? What time was the rapture?

Jason: Um...six o'clock I think.

Me, checking time: Well, either it didn't happen or we're going to Hell.

After a few moments...

Jason: Should we check?

Me: Check what?

Jason: The rapture. Let's just turn on the news and see what they say.

Jason then turns on Fox News. That's still a head-scratcher, but whateves.

Randomly, Karl Rove is on the screen

Me: Well, Karl Rove didn't get dragged back down to the gates of Hell. So we're probably okay.

Jason: That's not really how it works.

I fail at the Rapture. I hope that's okay.


Jamie said...


Danielle said...

He did not really turn on the news???!! TOOO FUNNY!!!

Anonymous said...

*high FIVE* I am a Rapture Fail too!

Misty said...

so we didn't think twice about it. We decide to go to dinner and back out of our garage, across the street, on the side walk is a pair of little girl shoes. They are abandoned like someone was stepping and then vanished. down a few feet was a training wheel bike, upright and alone. no one else insight. For the briefest of seconds my husband and I looked at each other in horror. It wasn't until we were out of our sub and about a mile down the road that we saw another car. We heaved a huge sigh of relief...

CPA Mom said...

I was in Wal-Hell at the time. So I was sure I was one of the left-behinds.