Saturday, February 4, 2012

For happy hearts, for rain and sunny weather...

We pray before we eat. It's one of the (very few) rules in our house.

Some of us (read: The Boy Child) take this very, very seriously. Thus today, when Girl Child took a bite of her lunch prior to family prayer, Boy Child was very upset.

"Girl Child!" he exclaimed as he whacked her upside her head.

I gave him a withering look.

Then we prayed. Before we said "amen" I quickly said, "And forgive Girl Child for taking a bite of her food before it was blessed. And forgive Boy Child for whacking her."

"S'alright," The Boy Child informed me. "The Lord told me to pimp slap her."

The hilarity. It is conflicting.


Anonymous said...

That's Hilarious :) Keep on pimp slapping for the lord, Boy Child.

Principled Slut said...

Pimp slap? Really? Is that the guy version of bitchslap? Because I've never heard that term but it's awesome.

But somehow I suspect the Lord did NOT tell him. I think that may have come from elsewhere.

Becca said...

Prayer is the best lesson that we can teach in our kids.

Lauren said...

Hahahaha!! 'the lord told me to pimp slap her'. I'm totally using that.