Friday, March 16, 2012

Things that have been going through my head lately...

I really love my brother. I think he's one of the smartest, most challenging people I've ever met. I appreciate how he gets me to think about things that I'd never thought about before. Even when those things are less than pleasant.

I don't talk about him much, I guess. But he's in my heart all the time.

Being a mom is hard. Being a mom of teenagers might kill me.

Sometimes I grab my husband's hand and say, "JASON! This is our house!" and we both laugh a lot. Because it's pretty freaking amazing.

Our house is not perfect. In fact, there are several things we have discovered that make me wonder what kind of crack the builder was smoking (there is a legit towel bar in the shower. Not a safety bar. A real towel bar. And no light in the office, which I probably already mentioned). But it's pretty perfect for us. It makes me happy when I see it from the street. It makes me happier when I'm inside it. It just makes me happy.

Jason says we are lucky. I say we are blessed.

I like ice cream.

I really need to be a nicer person. People think I'm funny but I'm actually just really mean and people think I'm joking. Twice lately I stuck my big fat foot in my mouth and I vowed to not send any more emails that could be construed as inappropriate. So what did I do today? I called my co-worker and told her all of it over the phone instead. I FAIL. AT LIFE.

I'm really amazed at all the blogger drama going down these days. Divorces and plagiarism and lying to your fans, oh my! It's just crazy. I guess it's really good that I suck as a blogger because I'd hate to get caught up in that mess.

I really, really, REALLY hope we all adjust to living in North Carolina soon. Really. This isn't even about collards, I swear.


m said...

I like you. I like Jason. I like ice cream. I like your house (on bagels. toasted. with cream cheese.) I like your brand of nice. I don't like N Carolina it's even FURTHER than TN was dammit! I like your kids even if they are TEENAGERS. I do not like that when we 'met' your kids? WERE YOUNGER THAN MINE ARE CURRENTLY. That? Is some crazy shit right there.

I like your house. Did I mention your house? And you. Yup. Bigtime.

And while this is probably the most bizarre comment i've made in a while? I will use the "2 hours of sleep so far tonight and it's almost 4a" excuse but we all know i'm this jacked even on a good day! xoxo

Christina Berry said...

Okay, first? You do not suck as a blogger. If you do, then I must suck as a reader because I'd like nothing better than for you to blog more!

Second, yes, being a mom to teenagers may very well kill you. I only had one, and I don't know how I survived.

Third and lastly, at our old house we had a towel bar in the shower, too. I mean, the hell?

Principled Slut said...

Being nice is overrated. I vote for being real. Being real is nice in my book.