Monday, August 27, 2012

Wrong again

So I wrote about how much I don't like texting. I now realize this was shortsighted.

I love texting. I freaking LOVE it.

Okay, I don't love it when Jason texts me. Here is a legit example of a recent text exchange we had:

Him: Where you at?
Me: Country Inn and Suites, in a smoking room for some reason.
Him: What?
Me: It's a smoking room.
Him: Who?
Me: The ROOM.
Him: Sorry to hear about the smoking rooms.
Him again: What time meeting friends for dinner?
Him for a third time: A
Him for a FOURTH TIME: Hope you have. A

It's kind of hilarious. Also? It makes me shouty. I'm sure on some planet somewhere it's really adorable and endearing, but I'm tired and have a headache and my spouse randomly decided to wash the sheets at like 10pm last night and since we aren't really adults we only have one set of sheets that fit our bed, so I didn't get in bed until like 2am. So whatever.

Anyway. Today was the first day of school. The first day of high school.

As I've mentioned, I'm the meanest mother alive. Thus, the children are riding the school bus. I offered to walk them to the bus stop and they politely declined. (This could be because I offered to walk them to the bus stop while both wearing a clown wig and busting out my Chookie moves. I'm not sure)

The other day when I took them to orientation, they declined to have me walk in with them too. My son said, "We're in high school now, they expect us to do things on our own." I don't know who "they" are, but I think they might need their asses kicked.

So they are mature now. They can walk themselves to the bus stop. I walked them part of the way and they walked the rest. I'm fairly sure no one saw me.

I walked back home and before I got up the stairs, my phone beeped.

Girl Child wanted me to know they were at the bus stop.
And her friend Megan was there.
And now they were on the bus.
And she loves me.
And then later, after school, that they were back on the bus.
And the day was good, but the bus was the bad part.
And she got to sit with Megan.
And she'll be home soon.

Where I have hugs and snacks. And episodes of Adventure Time. Since we're all so mature.

I really don't have a lot of words about how I feel that my children started high school today...none that I can type without tearing up anyway.

But thank God for texting. It really helps us all pretend to be brave.


Karen said...

Awesome. Just awesome. :)

perdido said...

yes texting is awesome! lol