Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I am Linda. Linda is me.

So. Bob's Burgers. Are you people watching this gem?

It's a story about a man named Bob (duh), his wife Linda, and their three kids Gene, Louise, and Tina. They run a burger joint in a town that's close to the beach. It's constantly on the verge of going out of business because they can't make the rent, despite the hilarious "Burger of the Day" they always seem to advertise (examples: Don't You Four Cheddar 'Bout Me (comes with four kinds of cheddar) and Little Swiss Bunshine. I mean, seriously? Comedy Gold)

It's a funny show. Really funny. They are a funny family.

If I didn't know better? I'd think they got the inspiration for Linda by watching me.

Linda likes to sing. About, well, everything. And as my co-workers who have been recently treated to both the "Quizno's song" and the "I love Broccoli so bad" song can tell you? So do I.  I have a song for everything and so does our friend Linda.

In what I'm sure is a completely unrelated story, I am no longer surprised that I have no friends in real-life.

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Unknown said...

I would totally be your friend in real life. Not saying that in a stalkery way, but I'm near the beach and you must (again, not stalkery) tell me when you are in/near/about Brunswick County (the south end). I'll even go out to lunch with you. In public. And we can sing our lunch order.

And pick our curly fros 'cause we're big booty hoes. But not stalkery.