Monday, March 11, 2013

To the people who were backing out of their driveway while I was on my evening walk

Who felt the need to honk at me and then shout out the car window,"Hurry up and move your fat ass...we're going to be late for church"?

Great job representing Christianity. I'm so sorry that the six seconds that it took me to cross the street in front of driveway kept you from your desperately needed worship. Also, extra points for saying that crap in front of your kids. I'm sure you are setting an excellent example.


To me:

You are getting good use of the phrase "They aren't worth your tears".

They aren't.

Just keep going.


CPA Mom said...

Holy crap that is rude!!!! I'm so sick of "Christians" SAYING and not LIVING Christianity. p.s. you are perfect in my book.

LzyMom said...

Uh. My jaw is still hanging open. Wow. You are really good at finding jerks. Not sure that's a superpower that anyone wants.

Hiss. Boo.


Melissa said...

Tell me their address, and I will send them a Bible with some key passages marked.

I'm sorry that happened.

tiffany said...

Time to egg a house. They are rude *******