Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hot mess

Have you seen this video? It made me laugh.

I would probably be the mom who made the muffins, to be honest. I freaking love to bake things. I wouldn't make any other moms feel bad though. That's not my style.

I was reminded of this video this morning as I drove my daughter to an appointment (two kids sharing one car is usually awesome, but sometimes painful) and I said to her, and I swear this is true, "What time does school start anyway?"

She's a Senior. She's been at this school for four years now. I literally have no idea what time school starts. Unless you count the general "early" (which I don't count that. At all).

She laughed when she told me. She's used to my crap by now.

I told her I was sorry. That was probably something I should actually know. That I try really hard to be a decent parent, but certain things just sort of escape me.

She laughed again and said, and I might not forget this for the rest of my life,

"Good thing you get the things that actually matter."

It may just be her Senioritis talking, but man that made me feel awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Her answer made tears come to my eyes. She is right! <3