Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Internet people

I was chatting with one of my cousins the other day and she said something very sweet that made me laugh.

I can't remember exactly what it was, but it was something along the line of "I don't know how you do everything you do and still look so put together".

I told her that Jason had said earlier that day, "Hey! You're wearing make-up!"

Because, um. I don't every day. In fact, I snapped this picture of myself shortly after the conversation my cousin and I had because I just felt like it was appropriate.

I was cleaning my bathroom. As you can clearly see, the countertop was a hot mess. Much like the owner of the countertop.

Apparently I'm good at hiding what a hot mess I am, but I promise...this is about what I look like on a normal day. I work from home, which means things like today I was wearing pajama pants until 4:30pm. Last night, Jason was trying to reprimand the teenagers about something and the dog farted and I couldn't stop laughing and he got very upset with me because I wasn't taking the conversation very seriously (I can't help it, every time she farts it scares her and it's hilarious. I don't care who you are). My dining room is currently awash in LuLaRoe. The bags under my eyes would need to be checked if I got on an airplane right now.

Life is hard, y'all. It's hard for all of us. I posted on Facebook the other day about being done with my Christmas shopping and I got some "show off" comments. The truth is, the next month is insane for me and shopping throughout the year when things are on sale is the only way I can get through emotionally and financially. I was happy about it, but didn't do it for praise. It's just me. It's cool if it's not you. I bet you do many things in way more awesome ways than I do. You can probably even do math in your head, which is pretty sweet.

Sometimes I see the family pictures on Facebook and I think, "Wow, they really have it all together!" Maybe they do. Everyone looks just so. Everything looks perfect.

If I had to guess though, at least one countertop in their house looks like mine did on Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

In my house, it's the kitchen table. We don't eat there, so it catches all the mail, newspapers, my purse, etc. That table is my biggest nemesis. Lol.

But yes, I totally get it. FB photos can be so deceiving. We all want to put our best foot forward, so we're not likely to share that messy table or countertop. Truth is, though, we'd all probably feel a lot better if everyone was a little more transparent.

Jill said...

My whole house looks like that and we are no where near done shopping. Or started. so, go you!people are going to hate no matter what.