Friday, July 7, 2017

Things I like lately

1) Wonder Woman. Have you seen this movie? If you have not please stop reading this nonsense and make your way immediately to the local movie theater. Not only is this movie amazingly well-written and well-acted, HOLY CRAP have you seen the woman who plays Diana?

Not only is she completely flawless she can do these amazing moves like jumping in the air and wielding swords and whatnot. She is ridiculous in the absolute best possible way ever.

2) Obsessed with this Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend.
Side note: The closest Trader Joe's is far away from me. I am on my last bottle of this seasoning. We need to work on this.

3) LuLaRoe Cassie skirts. I mean, for real. A pencil skirt? Please. BUT OH.

I feel so darn cute in these! 

4) Ed Sheeran. How cute and dorky and wonderful is he?

5) Torani Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup. Tastes like happy. (Yes I know it has Splenda in it. Please ask me if I care)

7) Recipe reviews which read like this:

This recipe was awful! I followed directions exactly except instead of white flour I substituted two pounds of shredded tires and instead of melted chocolate I used the blood of six goats and instead of sugar I used pink sea salt, because DUH, HEALTHY and it ended up tasting gross! DO NOT RECOMMEND.

8) My marriage. Fourteen years next week!

What are you liking these days?


Jana said...

HAHAHAHA! That's awesome! That's exactly what I think about those weirdo recipe comments! This week I've been in love with my insight timer app on my phone for meditation. I've learned that meditation really helps me have patience and inner peace. Something I would have laughed at a year ago.

Lisa Borja said...

Your writing. That is something I like. I am so glad I came upon "Jason loves Jesus" (ha I know that's not it!) all those years ago. This writing isn't full of funny stories like the other, but it is still like a favorite tv show I rewatch or book series I can't put down.
Committed S.Snowe fan