Sunday, December 30, 2018

Lessons Learned- 2018

1) Nothing is more important than one's health.

2) Nothing is taken more for granted than one's good health.

3) I am stronger than I thought.

4) Even in the face of utterly crushing disappointment, you have to stay the course. Good things, better things, are coming.

5) Parenting almost twenty-one year old people is not for the weak.

6) There are people who will appreciate the things you do.

7) The number of people who appreciate the things you do is very, very small.

8) Some people will never see the truth, even if it's blatantly, painfully staring them in the face.

9) I will never be worthy to some people, no matter how good I am.

10) Sometimes you love someone a lot and they still hurt you and take advantage of you.

11) People really, really, REALLY do not understand mental illness.

12) There are relationships, feelings, and emotions that I will never get to have. I am still learning how to be okay with this.

13) I am closest to God when I am outside, in nature.

14) I need to be outside in nature more.

15) Most of the time, someone else's actions have absolutely nothing to do with me and worrying about what other people do is a colossal waste of time.

16) I can literally wear whatever I want.

17) I will never, ever be a priority to some people, even if I make them a priority.

18) Those people mentioned in 17? Got to go.

19) Maintaining an over 200lbs weight loss is harder than actually losing the weight in the first place.

20) Dogs don't live nearly long enough and the time you have with them seems impossibly short.

21) No one really cares about your birthday.
22) My heart is capable of more love than I thought.

Here's to 2019 being less of a trainwreck, here's to more books, more writing, more kindness, and more taking care of Stephanie.

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Beth said...

Happy new year!