Sunday, May 12, 2019

She'll listen to you tell your story, hold your fear and all your worries...

 There are so many things no one tells you about being a mother.

Probably because, if they did, no one would become a mother.

Or...maybe they would.

The biggest thing that no one told me, was how often I would screw up.

How many times I would look at your sweet faces and think, "You deserve better than me" or, "I wish I was a better mom", or (just once so far), "Jesus God, I've never been so scared of a hurricane in my life".

No one told me how thankful I would be for you or how much you would change my life.

 No one told me how I would want to be better because of you. How I would slay dragons to make your life easier. How I'm 43 and sick of all the crap and rage until my voice is hoarse about building a better world for you to inhabit, because you deserve it.

No one told me that you would be my best friends. My closest confidantes. The two of you know me better than anyone else in the world, and somehow you still love me.

You are the dreams I didn't even dare to dream. My greatest accomplishment, my fondest hope.

It's Mother's Day. A day to celebrate me, but really? You made me who I am today. Every bit of it.

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