Thursday, February 6, 2020


A dog will break your heart.

That's what my parents used to say.

She used to be my blog header. She did.

I don't know though. She just made me happy. She made me so happy.

She made all of us so very happy.

We were her family and she was ours.
She was only three months old when she came to live with us. She just turned fourteen in December.

Fourteen years is a moment, A second. A blip. Nothing.


Her lifetime. Her whole life.

We were her whole life.

How lucky, oh how lucky we were to be her whole life.

They warned me she would break my heart, and today? She finally did.

Today she took her last breath. Today she fell asleep for the last time, as Jason and I held her, and told her what a good, good girl she was. The best girl. That we loved her endlessly and she made our whole lives better. That we never thought we could love a dog the way we love her.

Today she broke my heart.

And it was worth it. It was worth every ounce of the pain I'm feeling right now, to have loved her.

Rest in peace, my sweetest friend. I will love you the rest of my life. I will never forget you. You gave me more than you will ever know.


Beth said...

I am so sorry. My heart is breaking for you.

Denise said...

So very sorry for your loss!

Anonymous said...

So very sorry for your loss!😪

WicketsMom said...

So very sorry. :( Our dogs are a part of our family, and often we spend more time with them than our human family members.

Jill said...

Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

soccermom of 4 said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for giving her an AWESOME life. She was lucky to live her whole life with you and your family. And, your family was blessed to have her.

Misty Wagner said...

What?!?!? How did I miss this? I knew, in recent months, that you'd been talking about how old she was seeming, but... I am in literal TEARS, all the way up in PA.

Oh Stephanie... I'm so, so sorry. The loss of our dogs really is the worst. It doesn't negate the impact of humans, but the thing about human relationships is that there will always be SOME level of complication. With dogs, it is just 100% pure.

I am so sorry, my friend...