Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crap I'm doing lately.

Classiest title ever, no?

1) I'm trying really hard to coherently put my thoughts about the Avon Walk on paper. Or the computer. Or whatever. I'm really struggling with it for two main reasons. First, I feel as though I lived like twenty years in two days. Second, it's all becoming little flashes of moments in my mind. I wonder if that is due to extreme exhaustion. I'm thinking maybe.

2) I'm writing. Not here, obviously. But I'm writing. I'm working on a fiction project that I am absolutely in love with right now. I really hate the main character (and it's not me, I swear!) so I'm trying to think of ways I can make her more human. Because, frankly, she's a miserable bitch. But she's SUPPOSED to be.

3)I got copies of Good Dogs Doing Good last night. I turned to my chapter and showed Ginger her picture in the book. She was largely unimpressed, but she did aggressively sniff the page.

4) Lots of people I know have had babies in the last few weeks. Lots. LOTS.

5) I am continually LOL'ing about someone on one of my writer's boards. She steadfastly ignores everything everyone says and keeps asking about which agents accept the most manuscripts and stuff like that. I like questions (I don't ask a lot or post a lot about anything, but I really enjoy reading what everyone else says), but the way she just ignores people when they say things she doesn't want to hear just cracks me up so bad. What can I say? I'm kind of a loser.

6) Oh and I've made some pretty big, huge decisions lately about a lot of different things. Not really ready to share all of it yet, but I'm calm and at peace about everything, which is really, really nice.

7) I'll try to write something that's not sucktacular soon. Pinkie swear.


Boriqua said...

I'm happy it sounds like things are coming together for you -- or at least into a better perspective. I need to follow your lead and MAKE the time to work on my book. (And LOL about that writer.) Keep your chin up! You're doing great. :)

Anonymous said...

Lots of good crap there lol Sorry couldn't resist.

Please have Ginger go to my blog to find out how to vote for Patachou (my angel rottie) on Dory's smiley fest. or not :)
Thanks :)

Nicole said...

Yes, the simple act of making a decision has a way of bringing on a tremendous amount of peace, even if the decision hasn't been implemented yet.

And fiction! Ohhhh I want to read it!! Can you rush job it please? Lol no, don't. That's selfish to ask. I will wait patiently, sitting on my hands. But a miserable bitch--you couldn't have given a more enticing description...

Jenski said...

This post wasn't sucktacular! Too much positive stuff. :-)