Thursday, October 8, 2009


It is well documented that I have sort of a thing for both Fred Dalton Thompson and the Bee Gees. What can I say? I'm a Renaissance Woman. Or whatever.

Last night we were all driving home and one of my favorite Bee Gees tunes came on the radio. As I sang along to More than a Woman (although, sadly, I was unable to hit the highest notes), The Boy Child piped up from the backseat.

"Who is this singing?"

I scoffed. Oh, how I scoffed.

Because he should KNOW BY NOW. I've played the Bee Gees for these children since they were in my womb. (And put down that phone. No one has called CPS on me yet and I won't let you start because of my taste in music.)

I sighed.

"First you don't know who Fred Thompson is. Then, you don't know the Bee Gees? GOD."

"Who is Fred Thompson again?" the Girl Child said, innocently.

"Girl Child! Please!" the Boy Child said, indignantly. "He's one of the Beatles!"

Jason and I burst into startled and hysterical laughter.

"Isn't he?"


A couple of moments passed and as we turned into our driveway the Boy Child said,

"They don't really sound like men when they sing mom."

"I'm not talking to any of you," I told them, but I doubt they could hear me over the laughing.


Anonymous said...

LOL my dad would so agree with you. He has had the same conversation with my bro, sis and I over the years LOL

Sarah said...

this is so funny!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

OK. Fred Thompson as a Beatle? I need bleach.

"Russians don't take a dump, son, without a plan!" My favorite Fred Thompson quote from Red October. Love that man.

SJINCO said...

Too funny!

My middle sister had a huuuuge love for the Bee Gee's when she was younger. I remember vividly a poster she had of them hanging on her wall above her closet door.

At any rate your kids are hilarious. Wonder where they get it from?