Saturday, October 10, 2009

Southern Festival of Books: A list!

1) It's pretty much Stephanie's law that if I have to drive to an unfamiliar place? It's going to start pouring the rain.

2) Also Stephanie's law? I will get lost.

3) More than once.

4) And then? My pants legs will get completely soaked.

5) Citizens of Nashville, I fear for you. I stopped a police officer to get directions because I was lost and when I gave him the landmark he LITERALLY pointed and said, "I think it's over there somewhere". I AM NOT KIDDING. If there are any crimes committed there? You guys are screwed. Even the POLICE CAN'T FIND YOU.

6) Best thing about the Southern Festival of Books? Lauretta Hannon. I had the honor of being co-presenters with her and I seriously wish I could have put her in my purse and taken her home. The moment we met we were just cracking up and she is WONDERFUL. She is an amazing public speaker, an amazing storyteller, and just an all around amazing person. You need her book. Badly.

7) They gave out bottles of Jack Daniels in the author gift bags. I'M TOTALLY NOT KIDDING.

8) I gave Lauretta my Jack and she put in her "CO-COLLLLLA!" (Also a funny story, but I guess you had to be there). During the presentation.

9) Did I mention I loved her?

10) Also, she replaced my Jack.

11) My hostess Nancy was SO FABULOUS. Nancy, if you ever read this? I'm sorry about my slightly frantic message on your voice mail. You will be happy to know I found the parking garage, found my car, and even found the road to get home. Thank you.

12) I went to the author hospitality tent and a very sweet older lady told me that I could go the bathroom, but I had to be VERY QUIET. Because there were people WORKING. And she didn't even KNOW me, y'all. I guess I just give off that REALLY LOUD vibe.

13) I think it's my hair.

14) Which was not looking great, by the way. Stupid rain.

15) I got to read from my book.

16) I read the part about the birds.

17) I yelled and probably scared some of the old women in the back.

18) We were in the Capitol Library. Which was SPECTACULARLY FANCY.

19) Did I say it was awesome?

20) It was awesome.


Hockey Mom said...

I'm glad it was awesome! I, too, have gotten horribly lost in Nashville. We were trying to find the Sommet Center, which is huge, and I could see it but I couldn't figure out how to drive to it. But then, I learned to drive in a town with no stoplights.

Anonymous said...

YEA!!! It sounds like (other than getting a bit lost and a tad wet) you had a great time! Did people LOL when you read about the birds! I would have/did! You’re so cool! I *heart* you WMC (not really, but now you know who this is)!!

SJINCO said...

Glad you had a good time despite the getting lost, and the rain and the not so spectacular hair (which I find hard to believe but whatever).

Sounds like it was a great event!

Dawn~a~Bon said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a good time and made a hilarious friend! I can't wait to hear all about it!

elle said...

So cool! I can't even imagine how cool! You, seriously, need to take a few days to be really, really proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

elle said...

So cool! I can't even imagine how cool! You, seriously, need to take a few days to be really, really proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

Rebekah said...

OOOO! I just found you. I went to Wordstock in Oregon and talked to Jeremy Solomon. He handed me your book! I'd love chat with you sometime via e-mail.

You can find me at

(I finished chapter one of your book! Need some sleep! Chapter 2 tomorrow!)

Kathy said...

So glad you had a great time.

#12 is cracking me up. How do very sweet older ladies come up with such statements?

Nicole said...

I'm so glad it was awesome!

Anonymous said...

LOL sounds like a great day well not counting the rain and getting lost.

PaintedPromise said...

hey any time you can make a new good friend, the rest of the crap just disappears...

so yay for you and finding Lauretta!!