Friday, October 30, 2009

Things I can't believe this week.

1) Tomorrow is Halloween. ABUH? Where has this month gone? Heck, where has this YEAR gone?
2) People who are your friends treat you really, really shitty sometimes.
3) How very, very much I love my beautimous pink KitchenAid mixer. I use it nearly every day. And the days I don't use it? I touch it lovingly and say sweet things to it.
4) You can love someone and hate their guts at the same time. It's true.
5) Did you know that El Douche Canoe Jon Gosselin throws Mantrums? And that apparently people care about this? Me neither!
6)It's okay if you get hurt when someone defriends you on The Facebook. It really is!
7)I am never. going. to. finish. my. next. book. NE-VAH. Unless I totally, completely, 100% forgo sleep. And let me just tell you? The book will be filled with the f-word if I do that because I get really cranky if I don't sleep. Just ask the people currently around me. They will verify this.


Anonymous said...

I know isn't it crazy how fast this year has gone!!


Mrs. Booms said...

All I'm gonna say is Thanksgiving is in a month.



Christina Berry said...

I like #6. Just today, a FAMILY MEMBER defriended me on FB. And all because I de-bunked something she posted (it was part of one of those "forwarded" emails, and clearly proved that the email was inaccurate). She didn't say a word to me, just deleted her post and then a few hours later, deleted me. She's my husband's drama queen cousin, and although I really don't care that she deleted me, it hurts that she deleted me over something so stupid.

Oh well.

SJINCO said...

I can't believe it's November already as well. Where did the month of October go? Hell where'd the year go?

I've been de-friended on Facebook before too and guess what? I didn't even do anything to deserve it! Oh well, no sweat.

Jill said...

Family treats you shitty sometimes too. I won't blog about it, but let's just say someone who might be a parent to my spouse took something of ours that was stored with them until we get our house built, and sold it. When we confronted them, we were told WE were in the wrong for 'being hurtful' about it. Yup, you stole from us, so WE are the bad guys. Classic.