Saturday, November 28, 2009

You know, I MIGHT actually need a job as a hater.

Is it really bad that I've already set my TiVo to record Jersey Shore? And that I'm anticipating pretty much fully loving it and at the same time being revolted by it? And when I saw a commercial in which one of the young ladies described what a "gudiette" was I pretty much knew I was destined to blog about this program? Probably repeatedly?

Really? Is that so wrong?


Tricia said...

I am so looking forward to both the show and your recaps!

AndreAnna said...

As someone who lives at the Jersey shore, please watch it knowing we're not all like that. Those people on the show are those from north Jersey and Staten Island who come to the shore in the summer, thereby removing all locals.

That being said, yes, there ARE people like that.

Steph said...

Oh hon. I no more think that about ALL people from NJ than I want people to think that all people from TN are inbred hillbillies. No worries.

Bethany said...

My neighbor AndreAnna has already chimed in! I'm not sure anyone in Seaside during the summer is even from New Jersey!

But now that I know this show is on I'll probably watch it just so I can say, "Oh, I know that place!"