Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pride. Maybe.

Me to Boy Child: I love you kid.

Boy Child: I love you mom.

Me: I love you more.

Boy Child: I love you the most.

Me: I love you to the moon and more than the stars in the sky.

Boy Child: I love you to the moon AND BACK.

Me: Thanks. Sorry I suck as a mom.

Boy Child, leaning forward to whisper conspiratorily: Mom. That's a huge fat load of crap.

Me, after a moment: Sadly, I think you just proved my point.


M said...

Or rather disproved your point. Assmunch.

I love you. Be. nice. to. yourself. If there is one thing in this world you SO do not suck at (and yes, there are way more than that but if I had to pick JUST ONE?) it would be being a mother. You are an unbelievable mama.


Bethany said...

Bah! He's right!

val said...

The kids are way more forgiving than we are.

I feel this way about my very wonderful HUMAN parents myself.

Thanks for showing me the ropes of life, such as you knew them at the time.

I'll try to do the same for my kids...even though this is all a lot harder than it looked from the outside, lol. And then they go talking like us, and that's embarrassing too... love, Val

Anonymous said...

Your boy is just telling it as he sees it... you seem like a terrific mom.


Anonymous said...

Listen to that boy. He's right! You're an amazing mom :)

Danielle said...

The Boy Child is totally right... and he kicks ass for Jesus! :)

queenrandom said...

I have to agree with Boy Child. He may say things like "fat load of crap," but he's a great person, and that's what matters. I'll take personality, generosity and kindess any day over non-profanity. But, perhaps, consider the source :P

Doug said...

Also in agreement with Boy Child and disagreement with you..

If you'd been right? He wouldn't have whisper conspiratorially. He'd have used his outside voice to say it. In Church. During the service.

But.. you're wrong, you don't suck as a Mom, you are in fact fairly amazingly awesome as a Mom.

Live with it. You truly love your children as every single parent should and amazingly few seem to from their behavior. You show it, in the funny ways you mention to us readers, and in the clear rules and boundaries that your children get to live in. forget the occasional language indiscretion.. your children know how to behave as productive members of society with class and kindness.

You don't get that from genetics or random chance.. you get that from good parenting.