Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Everyone I know is hilarious.

My dad, brother, children, Jason, and my niece were at my brother's house. Randomly, we were watching the Twilight movie. I have never read any of the Twilight books, nor had I seen the movie.

This guy comes on the screen:

Not trying to be a big spoiler head here or anything, but in case you haven't guessed? This guy is a vampire.

I know, right?

Dad: Who is that? Bucky?
Me: Bucky Covington, from American Idol?

Dad: Yeah!
Me: No, that's not Bucky.
Dad: Hmm. He looks like Bucky.

Several moments pass. The movie, in case you haven't guessed, is almost hysterically dramatic.

Me: Vampires are all about the drama aren't they?
Dad, who is generally one of the quietest people EVER OF ALL TIME: Look. Bucky is pensive.
Niece, who is fifteen and likely hates all of us at this point: *SIGH*


Devon said...

Now I have to look up Bucky on YouTube... I must've missed that American Idol Season.. LOL! (And I haven't read/watched Twilight either... LOL)...

Dawn~a~Bon said...

And James DOES look just like Bucky!

Dawn~a~Bon said...

Bella! Bella! You are my life now, Bella! You better hold on, my little spider monkey!

OMFG I love that movie. I love it because it's so horrible. My favorite part is the windchime tinkly sound effect when Edward takes his shirt off. Look! Pretty sparklies! hahahaha.

David. said...


This is 1000x funnier if you know Popaw and how quiet he is.

M said...

I love your family more than is reasonable. Cod help me.

Jenski said...

You could start another whole blog with family conversations?!

Leigh said...

OMG, he does look like Bucky! I never noticed when I watched the movie. Thanks for the good laugh. I needed that tonight.

Pam Dodgen said...

This just blows my mind, I would have loved to have been there to witness this! I have known your dad for a long time and he has got to be the most silent man in the world! I love it, next time you need to record him!

tiffany said...

ha ha ha, my fried and I did this at the movies when we took our 2 tween girls....if looks and the be quiet comments could kill we would have been dead!

Cecelia said...

OMG. You just made me laugh SO HARD at work. And my boss, who is a Catholic priest (yes, I know, I could write stories...) asked me what the heck I was looking at. So you might have a Catholic priest checking out your blog sometime soon. Because I am incapable of lying to a man of the cloth, apparently.

Also? Sign that I shouldn't read a blog at work, and it's time to go home, already. Yay, Friday!