Friday, March 19, 2010

So not the drama.

So on Sunday? It will be the childrens birthday.

(Birthdays? Or birthday? Can you believe they are going to be 12 and I still have no idea which way is correct? Where have I been doing with all this time? Sitting on my butt and eating bon-bons?)

I've been having a slight panic attack regarding this, for a couple of reasons:

1) OH MY GOD how is it possible that these people:

Are now these people:

There is something PROFOUNDLY WRONG with this, as I am fairly certain I only gave birth to them like twenty-five minutes ago. I blame Al Gore and his global warming for this tragedy.

2) We don't really do parties or anything (after one failed attempt during which we realized that their birthday will always and forever fall on or around Spring Break), but I did tell them they could invite some friends over for sleepovers. The hormone level in our home is already reaching maximum capacity and I am loathe to add even more to it.


4) Cake. Lots of cake. I really like cake, as evidenced by my thighs, but I really don't want cake in my house right now.

Unfortunately I'm like the best mom ever of all time and have insisted from the beginning that each child get their own birthday cake. If they weren't twins they would have their own cake, right? So why penalize them for being born on the same day? They can't help it.

(Can you tell I have serious middle child issues? I so do)

Thus, we'll have an assload of cake.

I'm trying to convince the children they REALLY want cake balls. Or brownies. Or cupcakes. Or something that I can bring to work and give to my co-workers before the children wake up and realize what I've done.

5) Guess who, despite being the best mom in the world, has still not gotten her children anything for their birthday(s)? Hint: IT'S ME.

So. What are you doing this weekend?


RosieCallaghan said...

I shall be posting a party for 12 (count them, gulp) 5 and 6 year olds. My younger daughter will be 6 on Sunday.

Happy birthday boy child and girl child!


Jill said...

We're praying for it not to rain so we can get our house. We're going to a send off party for our nephew (18, graduated, and heading off to the Navy), and trying to clean the rental house, because the realtor who owns it, wants to show it. I'm trying not to want to throttle her, as she refuses to fix anything that's broken, she was living here and left more than half of the light bulbs burnt out (who does that?), while we left all our expensive low energy bulbs at the place she's in now, and she keeps acting like I'm trashing this new place (there are ANTS and she says we must be baiting them somehow). I postulated that perhaps she had never been on the floor with a toddler and as the ants are tiny she never saw them. She ignored that. Whatever. Oh joy. I get to spend all day cleaning so she can try and sell a rental place out from underneath of us.

Christina Berry said...

The grammar nazi in me says "birthdays", no apostrophe because you're not showing possession. I like plural "birthdays" since you have plural kids, but I guess the use of the singular "birthday" would also be correct, since it is their birthday.


That said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your amazing kids! They do grow up so fast, don't they? I can't imagine, though, that they will soon dislike you! It sounds as though you guys are really, really close, and that's a bond that's hard to break!

Bethany said...

Ebaby will be seven on Monday. Seven! If you gave birth 25 minutes ago I guess I gave birth 14 minutes ago. Where's my baby???

Happy birthday to The Boy and The Girl!

LzyMom said...

Happy Birthday, Boy child and Girl child! 12 years old, woot!

I am leaving my darling children at home with their father while I go out and have a lovely brunch complete with belinis and then see Alice in Wonderland. Then, of course, there's grocery shopping and swearing in traffic. But all in all it sounds good. :)

PS (I must be the worst mom in the world because I can't wait for my kids to grow up! Granted I am still extremely sleep deprived)

Priscilla said...

My brother and I are 1 year and 5 days apart. We always shared a birthday and cake. I loved it.

My boys are all within about a month apart. I have always had just one birthday for them. And one cake. They love it too.

It's all in the presentation sister.

Make whatever you do a grand thing!

Jenski said...

Happy birthday to the young adults in your house!