Friday, May 21, 2010

I hate this place.

Dear Boy and Girl,

Well. Sixth grade has been interesting, right?

Okay, it sucked balls. We all knew it was going to suck balls. There isn't anything good about being thrown into a school with 1198 other kids when you're eleven years old, have zits on your forehead, and are going through a really awkward stage. Adding insult to injury? Then you were both separated from all your friends from Elementary school. Not to mention the fact that the vast majority of those Douche Lords you got thrown in with? Are mean. And scary. And probably going to end up in jail in a few years for a myriad of reasons, the least of which is that their parents didn't turn out so they are raising children who didn't turn out.

Still. I've been impressed by you.

You both held your heads up high and walked into that nightmare every single day. You are both solid B students and I (straight A, overachiever type) have learned to not only accept that, but embrace it. Considering you were born far too early and with massive life disadvantages and pretty much a genetic nightmare? The fact that you are slightly above average is pretty much a miracle to me. Every year the Girl Child has walked away with numerous end-of-the year awards for academic prowess in certain areas (English and Reading) and her general pleasantness (Good Citizenship), but this year the Boy Child brought home certificate after certificate too. For Science and Social Studies and all manner of things that the Girl Child and I shake our heads slightly about. Even though moms don't get invited to the end-of-the year "ceremonies" once you hit Junior High, I was still tremendously proud in my own living room.

You sang in the choir. You got your black belts in Tae Kwon Do. You had your first real experience with a bully. One of you got glasses and the other of you got new glasses. We've had some tears but we've had way, way more laughter. Way more good times.

You read more books, you found what interested you. We made movies and videos (still hoping they'll go viral, right?). You expanded your mind. You taught ME how to compost. You thought a lot about what you want to do. Where you want to go. You're thinking about being grown-up type people. You're thinking about your futures. About life and who you want to be.

You are hilarious. You are kind. You are still, both, genuinely nice people. People I would choose to have in my life. Yes, you say "buttnugget" with alarming frequency, but that's okay. It's really okay.

Seventh grade is better. Not much better, but at least you aren't the youngest kids in the school anymore. You've figured your way around. The teachers know and like you. You've built positive reputations (largely by not saying "buttnugget" while at school, I suppose). You're the kind of kids that most teachers like. That most parents like. That most employers will someday like.

That your momma likes. A lot.

I'm proud of you guys. I know it's just sixth grade, but you survived it. And survival skills are pretty amazing skills to have.

Love you and love you and love you so bad,
Your mom

PS: Lady Flowah PAIN SHOWAH!

PSS: I'm so wrong. But you knew that already.


Crystal from My Ramblings said...

What a lovely letter to your children! Sixth grade was such an adjustment. Congrats to your kids for not only surviving it, but kicking its butt! Good Job Momma!

Unknown said...

a lovely letter indeed. I am so proud of what they have accomplished already, and what wonderful children -no, PEOPLE- they seem to be turning out to be. Granted, given their fab mom, what else would one expect?

Ms. Maggie said...

SO beautiful! Of course your children are a little piece of awesomeness, your awesome genes karate chopped their way to dominance over any loser-type genes! :)

Congrats to them both on surviving and thriving in 6th grade.

Anonymous said...

So sweet and so true. They are both exceptional. Luv them!
Allison von Anonymous

Doodle Momma said...

Stephanie -- I love this simply because it's a great letter from a mom and you can feel the love radiating from the computer screen. But even more because my oldest bio-baby is finishing 6th grade this year. As a kid with undiagnosed (but highly suspected) Asperger's going from being homeschooled to a magnet school for the arts that combines grades 6-12 the year was. . . tough. Especially the 1st half of the year. But he made it. And, in some areas, kicked butt!

So I'm right there with you, amazed and impressed at the mini-adult my child is growing into. Amazed that I didn't COMPLETELY screw them up. (I mean, what kind of mom explains why the gov't has so many regulations about EVERYTHING by saying, "Because they're just a bunch of fuckwads" to their 11 year old? Yes. Me. But it's TRUE. And now she knows the truth!) Amazed at these little people who are turning into people I admire and wish I could be more like.

Having kids can be kinda awesome, sometimes. :-)

tiffany said...

Steph, Your raising amazing children :) I wished my 11 yr old could be friends with your kiddos :)
my baby starts 6th grade this coming fall in a new school and i see some of the degenerates that attend down there.......and I shudder. 3 yrs and were out of this house! It builds character though right.....