Monday, July 26, 2010

Lo. I am tired of this.*

So I bought some new pants a few months ago. Capri pants, to be exact. TWO pair - a rare indulgence.

They are adorable. Delightful. One is chocolate brown. The other is a olive color. They have cute buttons. Lots of nice details. And, AND, they are two sizes smaller than the capri pants I walked into the store wearing that day.

And today? The olive green ones are baggy on my butt.

Great right?


Because the stupid, jerkwad, bastard scale says that I weigh the EXACT SAME AMOUNT I WEIGHED LAST MONTH AT THIS TIME.

They aren't baggy on my hips. They are just starting to get a little bit baggy around the waist. But the wad of pants material hanging off my rear looks like it can be used to make tents for a band of vagrants. Or whatever.

It. Is. Maddening.


I know, I know. I should be counting inches. I should LAY OFF THE STUPID, JERKWAD, BASTARD scale. My whole New Year's goal of not caring about the number is a big, fat EPIC FAIL. I totally get that.



I just wish this wasn't so freaking hard.

*Alternate title: I haven't bitched about how fat I am lately, have I? Let's do that.


Anonymous said...

Throw away the dad-jim scale. *wipes hands* My job here is done. :)


Anonymous said...

...I'm also a slave to the number. I feel your pain. :(

The Quarter Polish Cook said...

I was going to say at least capri season is almost done, but then I remembered you are not in MI like me, but farther south.

Yeah for losing inches!! But come on stooopid scale!

Dawn said...

I'm sorry. The scale and I have a hate-hate relationship. We were doing ok until last month's vacation, and now it's permanently stuck five pounds heavier than when I left. ARGH!

Congrats on the too-big pants though.

Danielle said...

Since I've started reading your blog? You've had to buy new pants at least 3 times - all being 1 or 2 sizes smaller than the pair you were originally wearing... so in my estimate, over the last year, you've gone down 4 sizes (at least). I don't care WHAT the scale size - that is friggin awesome!!!!!

Priscilla said...


I hope you can hear that over your own yelling.

And also? It's gonna be that way for a while yet. Fat comes off where it will and wants. Not where you think is best. The comfort is, someday it will level out and you'll be able to buy clothes for your particular bod.


Boriqua said...

That's one good thing about being pregnant -- not only is the number on the scale no longer that important to me, but I can't even see it because of my belly. :)

CPA Mom said...

Yeah, I'm a slave to the scale too *sigh* Bet you are in a great size now though!