Saturday, September 25, 2010


Earlier this week, I was thinking about how one-sided so many relationships are. It's kind of ironic actually, because later in the week I had two situations (one positive and one negative) that let me know other people were feeling the same way.

Instead of getting really irritated about this (I'm busy! Don't people know I'm busy!), I decided instead to focus on what I know for sure is true:

No one has any idea how anyone else's life is and what they have to do day-to-day.

You don't know what a person is dealing with, even if they tell you "everything". You don't know what people's marriages are really like, you don't know what people's homes are like, and you don't know what people are going through in their jobs. They could be going through something painful with their child. Or with their heart. Or with any of about a billion things that they aren't talking about. Unless you are living inside the head of the other person? You just really don't know.

So instead of being defensive or hurt or any of those other things you might be (and I'm including myself in this general "you")? How about pray for the other person? Send them a letter or card. Call them and offer to help, like a dear friend did for me this week. Even though the situation didn't allow her to, the fact that she offered warmed my heart so much.

Don't be hurt or angry.
Don't turn away.
Open your heart instead.

The world will be prettier, calmer, and nicer if we all do just that.


Carol said...

Well said! I try to remind myself and my daughter all the time, most of the time when someone hurts you it wasn't their intention, they never even gave you a thought, they were just trying to deal with whatever it is they are dealing with and are probably completely unaware of how it has affected you.

mythoughtsonthat said...

My motto has become:

Be kind for everyone is fighting some kind of battle.

Really true. Peace.

Lauren said...

Amen Sistah!

Can't judge a person 'til you've walked a mile in their shoes...everyone's situation is different.

Jamie said...

TY for the reminder.

Hugs, girl.


M said...

You're such a lovely human. <3

SJINCO said...

Such a great reminder, thank you.