Monday, January 31, 2011

Notes from the trail

Me, to children: It smells out here.

Girl: I don't smell anything.

Boy, sniffing exaggeratedly: Me either.

Me: Well I do. It smells like poop.

Girl: Well...we are near the asphalt plant.

Me: Yes. But they don't actually manufacture asses.


Me, holding my hip and grimacing.

Boy: What's wrong, ma? Your hip hurt?

Me: Yes, just a little.

Boy: You know...pain is just fear leaving your body.

Me: Wow. That's very profound. Where did you hear that?

Boy, shrugging: I dunno. Spongebob?

Girl: Probably!

Me, sighing: Yes. Probably.


Bethany said...

"manufacture asses" hahaha! The little one can't understand why I am laughing so much!

CPA Mom said...

well, it was a "bob" - bob harper!

Unknown said...

(speaking of asphalt)
Wifey and my favorite quote we probably use too much we heard after a rough landing on Southwest..

"Sorry for the hard landing, it wasn't the plane's fault, it wasn't the pilot's fault, it was the asphalt"...

I'm sure Boy-Child would approve. :-)

val said...

Oh yeah, our great guru Sponge Bob. I think one child learned 9/10 of his pop culture references from watching The Simpson's.

Quality television. That's what we like. Who can say what's educational or in what way?

Happy Monday, Steph. love, Val

frannie said...

love, love, love!