Monday, January 3, 2011

Yes, I know it's not January 1st. Shut up.

So it's time for my goals for the year. No one really cares that it's already the fourth, right? Of course you don't.

1) Various financial goals which would probably put you to sleep if I named all of them.
No one is as interested in my money as I am. I totally get that.

In 2010 I made significant progress in paying off my student loans, reducing my expenses, and basically living a more simple existance. I really liked it and I want to do even more of it. Plus, my beloved Hyundai Santa Fe is now seven years old and has approximately 160,000 miles on it. It's been a good vehicle. The BEST vehicle. I love it and will cry a million tears when I finally have to let it go, but I have to be honest that it won't last forever. I want to be financially prepared for the day when it finally goes to Car Heaven. Or whatever. On the 30th I had some engine trouble which, thankfully, was fixed cheaply (because the mechanic is related to me! Yay family!), but I know my luck won't last forever.

The rest of my financial goals are snoozers. I can hear my mom now, "No one cares about your 401K Stephanie." I know mom. I know.

2) Go on vacation.
Actual, real vacation. Where people are doing stuff for me. Important stuff like the dishes.

I have no idea where to go or even what I want to do. But I want to take some time to do something memorable and fun.

3) Become BFF with Jesus.
Seriously you guys. Jesus loves me SO BAD. You have no idea. I see it all the time.

Thus, I need to do a little bit better about behaving the way he would like me to behave. Which includes not being a huge bitch all the time, dialing the sarcasm WAY back (it's really none of my business if you choose to wear your ratty-ass pajamas to the grocery store and I will keep my judgemental thoughts in check, I promise), and being thankful for everything I have. Along that line...

4) Really focus on my charitable giving.
So last year I was really much poorer than I am now. And I had no idea how I was going to be able to give. But I did it anyway. And when I didn't have money to give, I had time to give. So I did it. And my life really got about twelve tons better last year and I honestly think there is a corrolation between the two. It's not a reason to do it, but it's a nice side-effect.

I really believe if you are on the fence about giving (or scared! Like I was!) and you just take the plunge and do it? You'll be amazed at what comes to you in return. I don't mean money necessarily (money is good though). There is a lot more to life than money.

5) Finish the damn book.
The sequel to Meeting Mr. Wrong that is. I need to be done with it one way or another.

6) Finish some other crap too.
The One to Grow On Project for example. I did all the work, but I stopped blogging about it when someone accused me of being self-congratulatory about it. That wasn't my intent and I'm angry at myself for letting what someone stupid thinks get to me. I need to blog about the cool stuff I did, because it was cool and it was fun and I did it because it was in my heart to do.

There are other things too. But that one is bothering me lately.

7) Facebook less.
Okay, so I love Farmville and I'm probably not going to give that up or anything, but a whole lot of the time I spend on The Facebook is looking at ex-boyfriend's profiles and saying things like, "Oh my dear God his wife looks like the crypt-keeper!" and then being all proud of myself that I don't look dead. And that just sucks, doesn't it? So I'm going to try really hard not to do that anymore.

So there are the goals. Random, right?


Jenski said...

Go to Disney World!

I set up a monthly goal to donate financially; I would love to follow your example and give time though. Your One to Grow on Project isn't self-congratulatory, it's inspiring. Someone who accuses you otherwise isn't a very giving person and doesn't appreciate your efforts to help make the world a better place.

FB? Think I'll try to do the same - it helps that I've started culling "friends" so I can use FB purely socially and cut my professional world from it. Limits, right? Farm on!

Crystal said...

Those all sound like great goals.
Personally, I love hearing about other people's financial goals. I'm always striving for some financial goal of my own, so reading about others' experiences is often inspiring or encouraging to me.

Yay for vacations! I went on the first real vacation of my life in 2010 and it was awesome. Looking forward to reading about your vacation plans.

Jesus is awesome. I totally get what you're saying in 3 & 4.

Good luck with the book!

The One to Grow on Project is very inspiring to me. Please don't stop writing about it just because some jerkwad said something mean.

Good luck with the Facebook stuff too. I'm a total facebook stalker, and it's so hard to stop!

One of my goals is to comment more often on the blogs I read and love and yours is one of those. I hope you have the best year ever and meet all of your goals!

Chrissy said...

I really love all of these, especially #3! Good luck with all of them! :)

Elizabeth said...

Dude. I LOVE reading your blog :-) If - no, when! - you publish your next book I will buy it and then get other people to read it too. :-)

LzyMom said...

I love FB but I'm a chronically sleep-deprived, stay at home mom so it's my social outlet. And no one cares when I'm wearing my pjs and haven't brushed my teeth. SHOCKING

(Okay maybe the kids care)

Good luck with your goals, toots, and seriously, totally, no one should be out in their pajama bottoms.

My goal is to care more about how I look and take pride in how I feel and live and some such crap. I use hairspray now. Go me!

Sarcasm is underrated.



Jessa said...

I tried to get rid of The Facebook and I had so many people complain that I just went back. Who complains about you leaving facebook? Really?