Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrate good times. Come on.

So tonight I was at Wal-Mart. Buying cheese.

Yes, cheese. I freaking love cheese. Particularly? This cheese:

It is delightful. Yes, I know it's crap. It's still DELIGHTFUL.

So I'm self-scanning my groceries and I have coupons for my cheese, which the register promptly kicked out.

SET ASIDE the machine said. So I did.

I then summoned Eunice Jean (who was as old as her name sounds) to assist me with the coupons. She was not particularly happy about being asked to assist, but she came over with her little key anyway.

"Have you tried this cheese?" she asked me.

"Oh yes," I told her. "I liked it so much I came back for more." (I did not mention that it ended up costing me like $1, which is one of the main reasons I came back. Hey, cheese freezes well and I'm a thrifty gal)

"Well," she said. "PRAISE THE LORD!"

No, she really said that.
About cheese.

I love being from the South.


queenrandom said...

I love your being from the south (so I can vicariously live moments like this).

I love my not being from the south (so I don't have to actually live moments like this).

Bethany said...

If you told her it was $1 after the coupon, you might have gotten a Hallelujah out of her. Or is that a Northern thing?

val said...

I love the south too. Plus, cheese is low carb. Eat up. love you, Val

Danielle said...

Two days later and this still cracks me right up!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? You can FREEZE CHEESE??!!!