Monday, June 20, 2011

Isn't it great to be crazy?

So yesterday we had Father's Day. Today I realized I posted "Fathers Day" instead of "Father's Day" like twelve times on Facebook. Because I fail not only at life, but also and most spectacularly, at grammar and punctuation. But I digress.

So when we woke up I said to Jason, "Happy Father's Day. I love you with my entire ass."

And he was all like, "I love you too. Wait, what?"

So I told him, "I would say I love you with all my heart, but my ass is bigger."

I wish it hadn't taken him 10.5 years to appreciate how hilarious I am. But I'll take it.


Jenski said...


Okay. I'm done laughing. For now. Until I think of this again.

Bethany said...


Happy anniversary!

Bethany said...

Not sure why I added the happy anniversary. Well, yes, I am. I was thinking of my anniversary, which is Thursay. I was wondering what Kenny would do if I told him I loved him with all of my ass and got caught up in the mental picture in my head and typed happy anniversary. So, yeah, and Merry Christmas, too.