Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My everything

I have probably mentioned before that my husband sometimes sings songs for me. And by "sometimes" I mean, most days that we see each other. I have many times picked up the phone, said hello, and had a Stevie Wonder tune belted into my ear. He's often thrown the door open as he arrives home and given me an impromptu concert. He sings in the shower (practicing), even though he thinks I can't hear him. It's pretty darn cute.

Yesterday he came home and asked if we could look at YouTube so he could find a song that he heard on the radio and wanted to include in our eventual vow renewal ceremony. He's precious. I know.

As the song played I laid my head on his chest and thought about how awesome he is, what with always singing me songs and mowing the grass and eating all the ice cream so I'm not tempted by it and whatnot. Then he sniffled and took a deep breath like he was trying not to cry. So overcome with emotion, I was sure of it.

I looked up at him, this man who has been my husband for almost nine years, my eyes shining.

He smiled and me and said, "Stupid seasonal allergies!"

I'll take it.

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Principled Slut said...

Not sure what to reply, but I adore this post.