Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A non-exhaustive list of things I'm sad about today

1) Cold toilet seats

2) My dogs farts

3) The fact that my dog always farts when she's two feet away from me

4) The fact that after my dog farts she then runs from the room, leaving me to endure the odor alone

5) Most of my clients hate me

6) When I try to talk to people about what's happening in my life and they just respond with criticism

7) I don't need criticism. I criticize myself plenty, believe me. Just need a friend

8) I have to go to Florida in like a week and a half. I really, really, REALLY don't want to go. For a lot of reasons.

9) I've been dieting for like, ever, and I'm still not a supermodel

10) Dads who are gone


Carrissa said...

*hugs* No criticism or hatered here

CPA Mom said...

7) I'm here, my friend. Criticism free!

8) where in Florida?

9) I've been NOT-dieting forever and I'm not a supermodel either. Luckily, hubby doesn't seem to mind.

11) I <3 you

Jessalee said...

I'm your friend.

Florida? No, thanks. (Sorry, Floridians.)

And talking to people about SOME stuff that's going on in my life is so super depressing that I just avoid it all costs because then people start avoiding me. But I get it.

Misty said...

Love to you, dear girl.
Kick the criticizers... OR bottle up dog gas and send it their way.