Monday, January 7, 2013

Resolutions? I forgot.

I really did.

Things have been...challenging for the last several weeks. It's been difficult enough to just keep my head above water, much less make any serious plans or goals. I've managed to keep my children fed and the house isn't falling down around us, and that's about all I can do. That's enough.

I knew 2013 was coming, but I couldn't process it. Couldn't think of anything beyond getting through the next day. Then the next one.

I'm still about half there, frankly. I'm tired. I'm tired in ways I can't even explain. My couch and I? Have become quite well acquainted.

Also? Pinterest and I.

And this magical, wonderful place called Pier 1.

Oh. And Thirty-One. I might be slightly addicted.

So I've planned and reorganized my whole house. I've ordered a crapton of organization and storage supplies, decided what new windows I want and sketched out my screened in porch. Which, um, someone is going to have to build for me.

After I figure out how to pay for all this.

And figure out how to magically organize everything without getting off the couch.

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val said...

Well, yeah. There's that.


I understand.

love, Val