Thursday, January 3, 2013

Open Letters: January Blues Edition

Dearest Husband,

While I appreciate your recent efforts at saying thoughtful and kind things to me regularly, you sort of negate every bit of good you do by immediately following up said thoughtful thing by asking me, "That was really nice wasn't it?" Also? When you high-fived YOURSELF the other day after saying something thoughtful, I wanted to hit you in the face with a chair.

Okay, not really. But that was super lame so please don't do it anymore.

Love and kisses,
Your wife

PS: I find you charming but others don't always. Please do not ever again lie down in the center of the aisle in the Belk store to "test out" pillows. I'm amazed they did not call the law on you.

Dear My Dog,

You and your turkey farts are dangerously close to never getting any people food ever again. You are not slick by cutting one and then running out of the room. We all know it's you.

Love you and love you,
Your Mom

Dear Flu or whatever this is at this point,

Please go away.


To all my currently pregnant friends,

I am so, so, SO happy for you.  You are all going to be awesome moms.


Dear 26798 emails in my inbox,

Please magically go away with no consequences.

Love and kisses,

Dear Big Guy Upstairs,

I don't know why things happen the way they do. I want so badly to understand.

I feel so guilty sometimes that I am okay and so many others are not. There is so much suffering in the world. So much pain. There are so many people I love so much who are so mired in heart is broken.

I know it's not for me to understand. That there are plans that are far beyond my comprehension.

It's just so hard. So very hard to see people you love hurt.

Please help me understand.


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Anonymous said...

After purchasing several pillows for various children through the years that they then hated and wanted another one within a month, I began requiring my children to lie on the floor of the store to test pillows. Perhaps you should buy pillows at walmart as we do. Less people there who would complain:)