Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some nice crap, for a change

1) I find it completely hilarious when people post things on Facebook like:

Mabel Jones- Hey Becky, it's me Mabel. Call me about the bake sale.

(Bonus points if they then immediately "like" the status)

Keep being you Mabel. You are a shining star.

2) Last week I seriously thought my dog was going to die. The thought of my dog dying makes me convulse in a sadness spiral that I cannot even explain.  She was very, very sick and bleeding lots of blood out parts of her that should never bleed blood. It was terribly scary. I will admit that there was one night that I curled up next to her on the floor of the bonus room and just held her to me while she slept.

This was her this weekend, in the garage with Jason:

She's fit as a fiddle. And look at her tiny little feet!

I love this dog.

Yes, I know she won't live forever. I know she's eight this year. I know I am blessed to have every minute I've had with her, and I'm very grateful that she's in my life. I'm also very grateful for good vets who take my love for my dog as seriously as I do.

3) I am so glad it's swimming season again. I even like my bathing suit this year:

Obviously not me. I didn't have a hotness transplant or anything. But still. Cute, right? I want to give whoever had the great idea to make bathing suit tops based on what your bra size is instead of some arbitrary whatever a big old kiss. ON THE FACE.

4) It is 43 days until my vacation. I am seriously considering changing my signature in my email on June 1st to say something like:

I'll be out of the office, nay, out of the COUNTRY on these dates. So whatever your problem is, it can totally wait. Seriously. Don't send it. 

I'm kidding. I think things I don't actually do a lot. It keeps me going.

5) Sometimes I think about writing again. You know, for money. Usually when I think that, I dismiss the notion pretty quickly. The other day I thought maybe I would just write something that wasn't, you know, about me and all my flaws and failings. That might be cool.

So I'm thinking about that.

It feels nice to think about that.


Marylou said...

Have you told Ginger you are going on vacation yet?

Jenski said...

Pretty much every time you post I want to be friends with you. This time is no different. Also, I'm glad you get more time with your dog.