Monday, March 10, 2014

Special delivery: Snark

The Boy and I were driving to the recycling center on Saturday when we came upon the two postal carriers who deliver the mail to our neighborhood.

Yes, two.

No, I don't know why but I'm sure there is a good reason for this.

I was driving one direction, one of the postal carriers was driving the opposite direction and the second postal carrier was sitting at a cross street waiting for me to pass. The carrier coming toward me stopped to put some mail in a box and the carrier sitting at the cross street yelled something to the other driver.

The windows were up so I didn't hear what he said.

My son speculated however:

"I'm gonna get you, you sumbitch. That'll teach you to deliver mail on my route!"

That's probably not what he really said.

1 comment:

mumof3boyz said...

oh my - your kids crack me up! And who knows, maybe he really did say that ;)