Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A special request, from me to you.

So, as you know, I'm kind of a douche.

I'm learning to not be a douche. It's hard sometimes, but I'm really trying. Really.

Being the mom of two teenagers is teaching me a lot. A whole lot. I have more intelligent, philosophical conversations with my son and daughter than I do almost anyone. Not that they are geniuses (I think they are, of course!) but they think of things in totally different ways than I do. They aren't afraid to tell me about it either and it's great. They aren't afraid to call me out on things either and since somehow despite their parentage they aren't douchebags, they aren't rude about it. 

They are learning to drive. In our state they have to be supervised for a year and obtain a certain amount of driving time before they can get a "full" license, so we're in the car a lot. A lot. This is one of those times that I wish I could clone myself. I haven't felt that way about having twins since they were very young, but my goodness. It's a lot of hours.

I'm so aware of other drivers when I'm riding with my children and, um....a lot of other drivers are not very nice. 

Even if one of my student drivers is going the speed limit, they honk. They flip the bird. They make ugly faces. They drive in the breakdown lane and cut back over quickly, scaring the crap out of my student drivers. 

They are learning. They are doing the best they can. They are actually doing really well, considering the very short amount of time they've been driving.

They could do without you being a dick.

I am so, so guilty of complaining about other drivers. SO guilty. As most of you know. Ahem.

So I'm going to do better and I would appreciate if you did too. 

If you see someone going slower than you think they should be, or someone who seems just a little unsure, please, please, please do not whip around them and cut them off. Please do not get angry and furious and think they are being a jerk. My kids aren't being jerks. They're just learning. Yes, I go 54 in a 45 and I'm sure you do too. They aren't ready to do that yet. They're okay with going 45, but they don't feel confident enough to speed yet. They don't deserve the finger for that.

Please. Be patient. Soon enough they'll be tearing it up like everyone else. Give them a chance to get there.

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