Monday, July 21, 2014

Works for me.

Jason and I celebrated our 11th anniversary on July 12. By celebrated I mean we were in two different states and I can't remember if we talked or not on that day.

We did end up going on an overnight trip to the Outer Banks this past weekend, so that counted, right? We went to dinner on Saturday night and I said, "Time for our annual state of the union!"

It went like this:

"Are you happy?"
"Yes. Are you?"
"Yes. Is there anything we need to discuss or work on?"
"Nope. Do you think there is anything we need to discuss or work on?"
"Nope. What do you want for dinner?"

That was it.

I guess that's how it is sometimes.

I guess we're normal and boring.

Thank God.


Little Red Hen said...

Thank God indeed! And many blessings to you both!

Jill said...

wait people celebrate their anniversaries?