Saturday, November 8, 2014


So. Not going to lie. I'm finding Couch to 5k kind of challenging.

OMG. Just lied without even meaning to. I'm finding it very challenging.

I mean, I like it. I like challenges. Challenges are sort of my thing. Well, stubbornness is actually my thing and because of that, I have a lot of challenges. I either have to avoid them or deal with them and I deal with them. Because, stubborn.

Last night I was out with my group. I tend to get separated because there really isn't anyone who is the same pace as me. About 75% are faster and the other 25% are slower. I'm trying really hard to be okay with that, especially when that one guy who has been running for like ever always passes me twice every single night. Show-off. 

The coaches told us that running etiquette dictates that when you pass someone you let them know by saying something like, "On your left!" as you pass. I don't think what I do constitutes running, but I do occasionally pass someone. It actually makes me super happy when I'm able to do so and when I came upon two ladies last night who were walking and I was so close behind them I could have grabbed their purses if I was the type of person who did such things, I said, probably more gleefully than I should, "On your left!" 

As I passed them I said, "Hey, how are y'all?" Because, Southern.

They were warm and cheerful. "Good,how are you?"

"I'm trying not to die," I told them as I passed.

And you know what they said?

They said, 


And then they cheered,

They cheered for me.

I was slow as crap and they cheered for me.

It made me really happy.

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Mary said...

That is so awesome! I ran a 5K once (yep, only once!); it was straight up a Ga. mountain, and 2 old ladies who were powerwalking passed me. And that was the end of my running days. :)