Monday, December 1, 2014

Random weekend thoughts by Stephanie age 39

1) Wouldn't it be awesome if every single time someone said, "Well, I'm entitled to my opinion!" they immediately followed that statement by saying, "And since no one asked me for it, I'm just going to sit over here quietly and keep it to myself"?

2) About 99.9% of the things I do have absolutely nothing to do with you personally. No really. I don't address my Christmas cards or finish my shopping early as a personal affront to you and your way of life. In fact, let's be real here. I finish my shopping early for two reasons. 1) I shop all throughout the year because I spent many years very poor. If I could save a few bucks and buy one present a month then I wasn't financially overwhelmed in December. Out of necessity I made lists and found hiding places. This has nothing to do with you and your tendency to wait until the last minute. I honestly don't care how anyone else shops. Shopping is not a competition. Even for me. 2) I have social anxiety and don't care for things like shopping with 2600 random people in a small amount of square footage. I'd just rather not.

Since I'm on a roll, I address my Christmas cards early because I have had limited time for such things over the past, oh say 16 or so years, and if I address a few every night then I'm not overwhelmed. (Oh and $30 on stamps all at once in the same month you have to get your car inspected and get your tags renewed is sometimes a lot, even if you aren't a single mom of twins. There's that too) I know it doesn't seem like it since I don't leave the house, but I honest to God work full-time and often far more than full-time. I do a lot of other stuff too, some of which I talk about and some of which I keep private, but the point is it all adds up to a busy life.

Also? I clean and decorate my house the day after Thanksgiving every year because it's a tradition for me and my kids. I really enjoy that time we spend together. Nothing else.

Did you notice a theme? None of this has anything to do with anything other than me and what works for me.


3) Despite everything I have told my children over the past sixteen years, sometimes trying really is a waste of time. Some people are never going to be happy no matter what you do. Some people are going to be human garbage no matter what you say. Some people just absolutely suck.

I'm learning that it's best just to try not to interact with those people. Even if you have good intentions, it's just a waste or your time and energy. You spend days and days after feeling angry and helpless and hurt. It's just awful.

4) I know the way I live my life is not for everyone. I get that.

I would not trade my husband, my children, my dog or my life for anything. Not even eleven million dollars. And I'd really like to have eleven million dollars.

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Amy said...

I'm the same way after raising 5 kids as a single mom and no child support, I had to pick up things here and there or my kids wouldn't have had Christmas.

If people don't like the way you choose to live your life, my motto has always been that they can take their tails back out the door they came in. I figure if I lived 40 happy years without someone, I can live the next 40 just as happily.