Thursday, March 19, 2015

All day, every day

Someone else, "We want to do this. Can we do this?"

Me, "You probably can, but first I need to get some information. Can you please send me XYZ?"

Several days of silence.

Someone else, "Well, it should be easy. We just want to do this."

Me, "I agree, it probably will be easy, but we need to get the information to determine that. Can you please forward XYZ?"

Several days of silence.

Someone else, "Well, apparently it's not that easy to do. If I need to do ABC just let me know."

Me, "No, I think it will be fairly simple. We just need XYZ to ensure that we do not interupt any of your ongoing processes. Please forward to me as soon as possible."

Several days of silence.

Someone else, "Stephanie, where are we on this?"

Me, "I have not received XYZ. Can you please send? Thanks."

Several weeks later.

Someone else, "Here is XYZ. How fast can I have this?"

Me, "Thanks! Expect in 5-7 business days."

Someone else, "That long! It shouldn't be hard to do! I need this by tomorrow to meet a critical deadline!"

Head. Desk.

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Karen O. said...

Oy. Sounds like my job. Keep the email chain; that will be your CYA. :)