Sunday, January 3, 2016

Reasons I've cried this week

- My dog saw a squirrel and got really excited. She never acts like an actual dog and when she does it's adorable. So I cried.

-Making a Murderer. Enough said.

-A friend of mine sent me some really beautiful pictures that highlighted her weight loss and I was really happy for her. So I cried.

-My husband plucked my eyebrows for me. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous but he has much better vision than I do and he's really good with eyebrows. I cried.

-It was 2016 and I thought about the fact that my children will be eighteen in a few months. I cried. A lot.

-Then I thought about them graduating in six months and I cried even more.

-I weighed myself and I've lost 200lbs. So I cried.

-I swept my front porch and then looked at my house and it was so pretty that it made me cry.

-I looked at a picture of myself and my dad together and I realized I looked a lot like him. He's so nice and kind and sweet that it made me cry because I wish I could be more like him.

-I was on the treadmill and I thought about what I should probably weigh. I thought of a ridiculously unattainable number and then realized I'm only twenty pounds away from it. So I cried. On the treadmill. At the gym.

-I saw this lady on an old episode of Judge Judy who had a really bad mullet. That made miss the '80's so much that I cried.

-I watched a video of a toddler who was absolutely delighted with her own farts. It made me laugh until I cried.

-I don't know how to knit and this fact made me cry.

-My husband said that my dad has always been more like a father to him than a father-in-law and that made me cry.

-I am totally going to win my Diet Bet and I got a little teary about that. Just a little.

-I posted a new profile picture on Facebook and a lot of people liked I cried.


Jennifer said...

If you ask me these are perfectly good, and reasonable, reasons to cry.

Anonymous said...

I miss you. Hope you are OK.