Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Give me your hand, darlin'

I have known my husband for seventeen years, three months, and eight days. Not that I'm counting.

He has a terrible memory. He always has. Lately it's worse. I try not to think about that very much. I have a tremendous amount of patience, which has been a gift. I got two babies at once and then I got a husband who can't remember things. I got an extra helping of grace. I am thankful for that.

Because we've known each other for like ever and because he has a terrible, awful, no-good memory, I tend to repeat myself a lot. Also, to be fair, I repeat myself a lot because I'm just really not that interesting and barely anything new and exciting happens in my life. I'm boring. I'm actually pretty fine with being boring, but it makes me not so fun at parties or in basically any social situation ever.

Tonight Jason asked me if I would join him in the car for coffee.

I know this sounds funny, and I guess it is, but it's also very sweet. We sit in the car, talk, and drink coffee. It's like a date without having to leave. Our house is nice, we like to stay here.

I climbed into the car with him and he said, "I have a song for you! Close your eyes!" Because I would have seen the screen on the radio, of course, and it displays the song. It was a surprise, so I closed my eyes.

This is the song he played.

This song came out when I was in junior high. I was basically the Tina Belcher of Sullivan Middle School. No game. Whatsoever. Boys didn't think I was cute. I wasn't cute. Or charming.

I dreamed of the day that a boy would love me enough to feel this way about me. I told Jason that story a long time ago. Probably more than once, to be fair, but still. A long time ago.

The things he remembers are sometimes surprising.

I also told him a very long time ago that I didn't really believe in soulmates. That I thought there were probably a lot of different people that any individual could end up with and they'd be able to have a very happy life. That maybe, only maybe, soulmates might be your best friend or your dog, but probably never somebody you were married to.

Now though...huh.

I don't know, man.

All I know is that I'm so, so happy that he's the one I ended up with.

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