Tuesday, March 21, 2017


You said to me this weekend, "It really isn't a big deal, going from 18 to 19. Maybe it will be when I go from 20 to 21?"

Probably not, though. 

The day to day is what we get mired in. This is where we are and where we live. We look back one day and everything is absolutely different, but for the life of us we can't figure out how.

This is how it goes. I could swear you were just born yesterday, not 19 years ago today.

But yet, here we are.


I mean, you just graduated like five minutes ago. Or maybe it was nine months.

Either way, things change right? And here we are at 19.

For you, this has been a year filled with new experiences. More freedom. New friends. Learning new ideas, taking it all in.

It's been a different kind of year for me too, in a lot of unexpected ways. None of those are very important today.

Today I want you to know that I love you both and I'm proud of the people you are and the people that you are becoming. Even if that becoming adds a lot of gray to my hair.

Happy Birthday and so, so much of my love. You've come a long way, babies.

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