Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Meanwhile, at the gym

Guy next to me on the leg press who looks like he probably really enjoys things like arguing with the television, saying abusive things to women, and pretending he's really fit when actually he probably played JV Football in high school and is still holding on to his "Glory Days". Also, looks like his name might be Bill, so let's just call him Bill (with no offense intended to any of the nice men I know named Bill): *struggles to press 135lbs*

Me: *ignores him and focuses on what I'm doing*

Bill: *gets up from the leg press, wipes the machine off, and stares at himself adoringly in the mirrors*

Me: *gets on the leg press machine*

Bill: WELL! Hey there little lady! You need some help with that machine? I can show you how work it.

Me: *staring directly at Bill, taking my eyes away only for a second to reset the pin to 210lb and then pressing*: Nope.

Get out of here with that noise Bill.


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh out loud. However did you manage without the help of a big strong man??? Ugh.

Anonymous said...

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