Saturday, December 26, 2009

We weren't born to follow.

We eat lasagna for Christmas dinner. And have birthday cake. We even sing "Happy Birthday Dear Jesus". No candles though, mostly because some of us aren't that prepared.

But we're okay. What we do is small and humble and, hopefully, in praise.

We stay home. It's quiet. We play games and talk. I think. Probably too much.

But it's okay.

Things are good on Christmas day. And things will hopefully continue to get better.

Not perfect. But good.

And that's okay with me. The way we do Christmas will always be okay with me.

Who we are will always be okay with me.

Our family will always be okay with me.


Bexterrific said...

I wish I was there!! Merry Christmas!! I love you all SO BAD! XOXO

Bloggin' Bama Girl said...

Frankly, i think that is absolutely perfect. It's whatever makes you and yours feel thankful and loved.

Anonymous said...

Lasagna and birthday cake sounds perfect to me! You're looking great, Stephanie!

PaintedPromise said...

it sounds wonderful to me too! especially since we made our appearance at the in-laws' with the other sibs and nieces and nephews and wow all that hullaballoo makes me tired! your day sounds so much better to me!

Kelly said...

We had lasagna at my house too! With delicious salad and my famous cheese bread. I was so tired of turkey and dressing and green beans and all that stuff, that I wanted somethign GOOD for lunch. We've also done crab legs in the past. Which is awesome if there's a small group ($$$$$), and you can drink a lot of beer with them.