Monday, October 3, 2011

Keep a-movin, move along...

Sometimes being a blogger means you get to do cool things. Like write a book that people read and send you mean emails about? Yes. But also other things.

Like this. On September 26th one of my blog posts called Mornings With The Big Guy was part of really awesome show at Under St. Marks in beeyoutiful New York City. Of course my dumb ass didn't actually get to SEE it because I live like hinty billion miles away and I have crap to do like feeding my children and earning money to pay my mortgage. But I hear that it was really super cool.

And you know what? It's cool. It's really cool.

I've done readings of my book before and it's cool to hear people laugh. Especially when you are in the Capitol library which is all beautiful and ornate and crap and 200 year old ladies are so horrified at what you are saying that they laugh and are then totally embarrassed that they laughed. That's pretty awesome.

But I believe it would be more awesome to sit in a room, surrounded by people who had no idea that you were the one who wrote the words they were laughing at. The be a silent observer. To really know what people think.

To just hear the laughter.

Maybe someday.

If it ever happens again, I'll do my best to whore it out more too. Deal? Deal.


val said...

Pretty crappy you couldn't be there in person.

I know I sit here in my house and hug myself and laugh all the time and feel like I'm with you.

Even though we don't even actually know each other in person, I kind of feel like we do.

Sigh. Sending love, Val

alonewithcats said...

It *is* really cool. There aren't enough reallys in the world to describe it. Really!