Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hospital blues

If you are my friend on the Facebook then you already know that recently my beloved was hospitalized for blood clots in his leg.

(And if we aren't friends on Facebook, why the heck not? Hit me up, yo)

It was scary. It was upsetting. It's not over yet, unfortunately. Hopefully his medications will be worked out soon.

It was also hilarious at times, because my husband was in a lot of pain and therefore on a lot of medication. Medication makes him very, very unintentionally funny.

Exhibit A:

Two nurses enter the room. They indicate they must check over Jason's body to ensure that he doesn't have any bedsores or open wounds. He says this is fine. They check him without incident and leave.

Twenty minutes later:

Jason: Did you know there were two little girls in here looking at my butt?
Me: No honey. They were nurses. They had to look you over to make sure you didn't have any sores.
Jason: But they were little girls! Why were little girls looking at my butt?
Me: Go back to sleep honey.

Exhibit B:

The nurse asked Jason if he wanted his name listed on the board in case anyone called the hospital looking for him.

Jason, in a surly tone: I don't want anyone knowing I'm here.
Nurse, in a friendly tone: I think someone is feeling bad!
Me: No, he's like that all the time.

Exhibit C:

Jason: I think my blood is thick because I'm from up North.
Me: Excuse me?
Jason: I think it's too hot here. People here have thin blood. But I don't.
Me: Hmm.
Jason: Think about it!
Me: Well...perhaps we can do some research on that sometime.
Jason: I really think it's true!
Me: Go back to sleep honey.


mumof3boyz said...

Haha...pain meds + Jason = great funny stories

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry Jason's in the hospital. :( Also that he has blood clots. However, I'm glad that you can still laugh. That's something.

And I totally sent you a Facebook friend request. Because you told me to.

Feel better soon, Jason!